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Services: People benefit from many different opportunities that enhance life.


Our professionals provide counselling, therapy, and consultation to resolve personal and interpersonal concerns and problems.


a. Individual counselling assists one to find solutions to problems or concerns that interfere with ones sense of competency. Our premise is that people

have incredible capacity to solve problems.


b. Family therapy addresses issues of change and development within a family.



c. Couple counselling focuses on issues of communication and differences.


d. Stress management and anger management programs may be designed to teach one tools to resolve the problems.


e. Habit control, (example: smoking cessation), and life style enhancement, are also available.



We offer psychological assessments. An assessment provides a rich profile of an individual. It is developed through a series of psychometric tests that help one to identify strengths and abilities and potential for success. An assessment evolves from the request and it is tailored to the specific questions of the client.


a. Psycho-educational assessments consist of a series of tests and interviews that, on analysis, offer recommendations that emerge from the individual’s responses and in answer to his questions about his educational potential, style of learning, and often may suggest techniques that assist the person.



b. Psycho-vocational assessments provide information and recommendations for an individual who wants answers to his questions about his abilities, interests, potential, and capacity for work. Often specific types of work are identified as possible avenues for consideration.


c. Pain management assessments identify sources of chronic pain and a treatment protocol that will ease the suffering.


d. Neurofeedback assessments identify problems that emerge either through closed head (brain) injury, trauma, or developmental issues. Therapy includes neuro/biofeedback and psychotherapy.




Workshops and training sessions, as well as professional supervision, are available.  Workshops are designed to meet the needs of the request. Professional training programs are offered to meet the specific issues of the client population as seen by the clinician.