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We can be reached at:

885 Regent St, Suite 3-5A

Sudbury, Ontario

P3E 5M4

E-Mail: info@bassisandcarter.com

t: [705] 673.4475


f: [705] 673.7062

Company Profile

Bassis and Carter and Associates respond to personal and corporate needs. 

We are a small and effective group of professionals who take pride in successfully assisting people to find their strengths and capacities to solve problems.

Dr. Edward Bassis (Ph.D.) and Ms. Bertholde Carter (M.S.W.) opened a private practice in 1982 for individuals who were seeking counselling, therapy, and consultation regarding personal issues. Each has a professional education in either psychology or social work. Each has extensive clinical experience.

Dr. Bassis was instrumental in developing inpatient treatment for adults and adolescents in a mental health facility.

Ms. Carter developed programs for families and couples in response to community needs.

Each provides training and supervision for therapists who worked in these services, and continues to find the cutting-edge interventions that help people.

Today, Bassis and Carter includes therapists who maintain the same high standards of practice.

We work collaboratively with others and if we are not able to effectively resolve the presenting issues, we offer referrals to other professionals.

People consider their health and their world of relationships important and worth the time and attention that quality professional help offers them in this most intimate area of life.

There is a fee for service. It is an hourly rate.  Services are available in French with an associate.

Some people have benefits that cover some, if not all, of the costs.